What is close up magic? - Where can close up magic be performed?

What’s the difference between close up magic and cabaret magic?

  Close up magic is magic that is performed right under your nose, in your hands, so close that you know that it isn't a camera trick. No large expensive props are used usually just a pack of cards, some coins, a borrowed ring or other some other innocent item.

Performing sleight of hand magic using cards, coins etc. and also some mind reading effects, Paul will both amaze and amuse,  below are some examples:-

Restaurants: Paul can perform a small personal magic show at the table usually lasting around 8-10 minutes. This can be between courses or just after ordering their meal this is an excellent way to ease any possible delays in service.

Banquets: Similar to restaurant magic, Paul can move from table to table entertaining guests during the meal.

Weddings: Wandering amongst the wedding guests whilst the wedding party are having the photographs taken and on through to the wedding reception moving from table to table, leaving the top table till last performing a special trick just for them.




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