Magician for Weddings and Civil Partnerships

If you are looking for a unique and special wedding entertainment idea, Paul's magic is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Wedding magicians can be used  in many ways, below are some typical examples:

* During the photos. During the photos is an ideal time to start entertaining your guests with mix and mingle style magic. The entertainment begins a little after the guests arrive from the service. While the wedding photographer does his thing, Paul can entertain groups of your guests with amazing magic designed to break the ice and put guests at their ease.

* Wedding breakfast. The entertainment begins during the meal as your wedding magician  visits each table working in between courses. He will amaze you and your guests with his close-up magic until the start of speeches or coffee.

* Combination of photos and wedding breakfast. It is possible in most cases to split the entertainment so that Paul can work his magician skills throughout the reception and also entertain through the wedding breakfast.

* The period after the meal/speeches.
Close-up magic is a good way to help keep the momentum going after the meal and speeches have ended. During the lull as the day turns to evening can be kept up-tempo and filled with magic. Quite often the room that the wedding breakfast is served is also the room for the evening function. This is a perfect time for Paul to provide entertainment for the guests as the room is turned over and the guests chill out. As the guests arrive for the evening function Paul is able to mingle and perform for all.

* The evening function. Paul can mingle with the guests as they gather for the evening function. When the buffet is announced the people waiting to be called for the buffet can be entertained. Then after, it's the turn of the one's who have eaten. The amazement and fun carry on until it's the turn of the disco or band to take over.


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